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Selling Art

by Clint Watson

We've published a lot of practical information on the nitty-gritty business of selling art over the years and thought it would be helpful to our readers to go back and organize a handy little resource for you.  So if you want to learn more about selling art, bookmark this page and enjoy the following tips to sell art.

Practical Tips on Selling Art:

Some practical tips to sell art

How to Sell Art

On Selling Art - Part 1

On Selling Art - Part 2

Artists Should "Hard Sell" Their Artwork

Selling Art and Pricing:

Sell 'em Cheap as Possible for as Long as Possible

Selling Art by Conversing with Collectors:

Tell the Whole Story

Artists: Lead Your Collector Clan

The Only Way You'll EVER Sell Art

Cultivating Collectors Face to Face

Selling Art and Email Marketing:

Email marketing is essential if you want to start selling art today

I'm Not Surprised Your Art Isn't Selling . . .

Personal, Timely, and Relevant

Timely is the Hard Part...Victoria's Secret Shows Artists the Solution

Other Articles about Selling Art:

Do artists need galleries anymore?

Twin Pillars of Art Marketing Success

Do You Want Traffic or Do You Want to Sell Art?

New Venues to Sell Your Art

Make Contacting You Easy

A Critical Step to Selling Art Online is to . . .

Sell More Art and Enjoy Life by Encouraging Engagement

Art Marketing for Artists Who Want to Change the World

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