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Become an Online Art Magnet: How to Increase Traffic with Links, Keywords, and Blogs

with Alyson B. Stanfield and Clint Watson . . .

Clint Watson

Teleseminar Recording
MP3 file

(one hour recording + valuable 19-page e-book)



Clint Watson


You'll learn:

  • The only two things you really need to know about search engines
  • How to build an ever-increasing amount of site traffic
  • Simple actions you can take each day to increase your site’s popularity
  • How to properly use links, keywords and blogs

→ Clint added an amazing 19-page e-book to this package,
which clarifies some of the material and
answers questions that listeners emailed to him.

Clint asks: Wouldn’t you like to have the “magic” tool that would help you:

  • Easily attain the coveted #1 Google ranking?
  • Substantially increase your website’s search engine traffic?
  • Ensure that your traffic continues to grow, day in and day out?
  • Dramatically enhance your ability to communicate with your patrons?
  • Enhance your chance for media coverage?
  • Instantly post news updates to your web site?
  • Ensure that your site always has a new reason for people to come back?
  • Set up cross-promotion partnerships with other sites?

Clint promises to share the "magic" tool that will make you an online art magnet in this teleseminar.

About Clint

Clint Watson calls himself a “Software Craftsman and Art Fanatic.” Even as a child, his two main passions were tinkering with computer programming and creating art. After graduating with an Information Systems degree in 1993, Clint became a partner at a major national art gallery. He spent the next eleven years learning the art marketing game and creating art-related web sites. Realizing that the Internet was destined to play an ever-increasing role in the marketing strategy of artists, in 2001, he launched, a website creation tool and marketing system for fine artists. He subsequently left the gallery business and now focuses all of his attention on helping his artist clients create websites and providing them with marketing ideas, opportunities and advice.

Clint lives in San Antonio and the virtual world. He often takes time out to enjoy the great outdoors.


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